Carbon credit marketplace

Product description

IMPT is a marketplace of carbon credits listed as NFTs on the Polygon network which incentivises users to buy and retire carbon credits by giving them a collectible NFT in return for burning a carbon credit NFT. IMPT is a 3-tier carbon marketplace and the ecosystem token $IMPT can be used to buy and trade carbon credit NFTs.

IMPT lends transparency and injects liquidity into a traditionally broken carbon market and allows users to earn $IMPT tokens by shopping on the platform for brands in partnership with IMPT who allocate a certain amount of their sales to clean energy projects to offset carbon emissions. These tokens can then be used to buy carbon credit NFTs and trade or burn them.

Client testimonial

“We are delighted with the job unremot has done for us, they are extremely consistent in their work and unremot’s team of developers has always been there for us when we needed them. unremot’s delivery has been outstanding under tight deadlines and high expectations, specifically, their delivery management and attention to detail with regards to the domain of carbon credit trading and retirement has been excellent and we highly recommend their services to anyone building in web3.0”

Dominic/Mike, Founder & CTO, IMPT

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Product type
React, Node