Looking for a Dev to help create a DEX.



Need developers to create a DEX on Ethereum. We will be using innovative algorithms to limit slippage and eliminate impermanent loss.

Looking for someone to help create a DEX on the Ethereum network. We will be using an innovative AMM function not used by other DEXs that will be targeting large traders by using a formula that limits slippage for bigger traders. We also are implementing a new system that will eliminate impermanent loss and implements a new system that represents the risk of liquidity providing as a call option rather than the typical system created by the constant product formula and a reserve ratio price oracle (what most DEXs use). This system will heavily rely on an independent price oracle. We are currently working with Chainlink to create this (open to other suggestions as well if the developer advises so). It will also heavily rely on the AMM function (we have a base model, but it may change because we would like to make it dynamic based on previous trading volume to improve capital efficiency of the system. We need someone with experience in DeFi development (both solidity and web3).

Backend Scripting


Requested by

Anthony Levesque

On 29.06.22

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