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Build an exchange on Polygon with swapping, charts, KYC, credit cards, farming and admin dashboard enabled

I require a blockchain developer for the following long term project. I am sharing details below- Metal’s Company Crypto Exchange Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 1. It should be on Polygon 2. Professional and Neat Crypto Swapper 3. KYC feature which supports multiple countries 4. Card feature so that users can buy on site through card 5. Real-time charts which should be neat and responsive 6. Complete Farming Feature 7. Complete Real-Time Swapping Feature 8. Design must be real, responsive and different from all of the present exchanges 9. It should be more likely “Centralized” Major Roles throughout the development phase 1. Administrator i. Administrator will have its own dashboard. ii. Administrator can analyze, control and manage the activities of users and a single central authority. ( detailed project given as attachment)

Frontend Scripting

React JS

Backend Scripting


Requested by

Muhammad Abdus Samad

On 09.05.22

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