Billing from $ to
Experience from to years

ravinder singh

logistics dispatcher | Dispatcher | United states
  • $15/hr
  • 3+years exp

professionally trained, qualified, experienced and hardworking

Darko Smilanov

Transport engineer | Dispatcher | Bulgaria
  • $9/hr
  • 0+years exp

for experience you must start from somwhere

Cody Burroughs

Transportation driver manager | Dispatcher | United states
  • $20/hr
  • 5+years exp

Hard working, and gets things done.

Nina Vuksanovic

Transportation freight dispach | Dispatcher | Montenegro
  • $5/hr
  • 1+years exp

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Ma Iko

Dispatcher | Dispatcher | Serbia
  • $15/hr
  • 4+years exp

Self motivation person, strong communication skills

Jafarjon Muattarov

Managing director | Dispatcher | Uzbekistan
  • $10/hr
  • 9+years exp

Challenge the life becouse it likes challenges

Abdullahi Mohamed Ali

I'm not employed currently | Dispatcher | Kenya
  • $35/hr
  • 5+years exp

I'm experienced remote dispatcher

Jeffrey Wolfeld

Dispatcher | Dispatcher | United states
  • $12/hr
  • 12+years exp

Please set up an interview with me. You will be happy with my experience

Mary Miranda

Supervisor/dispatcher | Dispatcher | United states
  • $19/hr
  • 9+years exp

I am very good at what I do and I’m not afraid of challenges.