Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions regarding unremot? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you troubleshoot. Please contact us for other queries.

Your PO will be automatically created when you sign up on unremot. It takes less than 60 seconds to do this.
The dedicated handle of your PO can be changed anytime after you signup. Click on edit in your profile section in your PO to make changes
Calendar can be configured anytime by visiting Calendar at the footer of your personal office. To use the calendar, you will have to provide access to your calendar application (Google, Hotmail, Outlook etc). unremot meetings will auto-sync with your native calendar.
Your profile can be edited anytime by visiting The link to edit is available below your profile section on your PO
We hire developers after extensive testing over 3 rounds of interviews. Only those candidates that demonstrate blockchain expertise, ability to plan and execute projects and positive references are onboarded.
Search for the service you need. eg, DAO development >> Compare offerings >> Pay >> Developer hired!
The prices displayed are the development charges as estimated by the developer. unremot team can try negotiating for slight changes with the developers.
unremot lets you mint developer's github repositories. This is similar to minting art, where in you can buy Non Fungible Tokens and become a co-owner of the IP.
By taking services as NFTs, you have the opportunity to resell the tokens and recover the original cost of development through royalties. Meanwhile, if you take the regular service, you will have to bear the entire cost of development.
1. Go to your dashboard >> Click 'Add' in the 'My service offerings' Section
2. Specify the basic details of the service and scope
3. Paste your github URL and Install/Connect Metamask
4. Complete minthing at minting success page
1. Browse through all NFTs on unremot
2. Click on 'Show details' on an NFT that you would like to buy
3. Click 'Buy' on the one you want to become a co-owner of
Follow the first three steps from the previous questions. Click 'Install Metamask' and follow the promts to complete installation.
Click on "Connect Metamask" which will open the Metamask extension. Just enter your password and get connected
No, unremot uses your native calendar - Google, MS Outlook, Hotmail, Apple etc
No, as of now, unremot can sync only one calendar
The My Meetings page of unremot works like a mini CRM for your meetings. It allows you to accept, reject and reschedule meetings. It also allows you to take notes for each meeting - both upcoming and past ones.
In your calendar settings, you can set up the following - timezone, working days during the week, available hours for each day in the week, your fees (if you are a paid consultant), duration of slots open for meetings and privacy settings to make your profile public.
You can use the search box on the top for the users in a particular category or just the name if you already know whom to get in touch with.
You can find all the users in a particular category by typing the name of the category/profession you are looking for eg. accountant, lawyer etc.
  • Search for the person with whom you want to book a meeting. You will land in his virtual personal office (PO).
  • Click on the ‘Request Meeting’ button.You will land's on a page showing the free slots available for meetings.
  • Select the date and the free slots of the person would be shown on the right side. Select the desired slot and confirm.
  • You will see a pop up asking for details like name and email id. Other than your email id, you may also add email ids of other people whom you would want to attend the meeting. Do not forget to leave a message with the purpose of the meeting.
Yes, unremot facilitates meetings even with those who do not have a PO in unremot.
You can invite more than one person without a PO in unremot for meetings. Click on the “Invite” icon on the extreme left of the bottom panel on your PO page. Enter the email ids of people you would like to invite for meetings along with the other details of the meeting. Click on the “Invite” button.
Sure, you can ask anyone to visit your PO by sharing your PO URL. You can do this by clicking on the share icon on the top right side on the profile panel.
We collect your name, email address, and profile image to set up.
We encrypt all communications between servers and clients (chat, data and voice/video) using technologies like SRTP, SSL, and WSS.
All the recorded meetings are saved as your private sessions by default.
Yes, your notes are private to you and no one else has access to them.
No, unremot does not save any card details while you are making payment. However our payment gateway partner ‘Stripe’ does save your card details to facilitate smoother auto recurring payment for your subscribed plan monthly.
unremot four subscription plans,
(i) Beginner - Free for lifetime
(ii) Professional - $10 per month
(iii) Premium - $30 per month
(iv) Platinum - $100 per month
Please read more about various subscription plans at unremot Pricing
Yes, unremote allows you the flexibility to cancel your subscription anytime you feel. We request you to cancel your subscription before the renewal date of your plan.
Unfortunately, unremot does not provide any refund for any partial-month services consumed on the platform. We request you to cancel your subscription before the renewal date of your plan.
You can enter the coupon code on the payment page, under the field “Coupon Code”. After entering the code, you have to click on ‘Apply”.
unremot offers a payment-as-a-service feature, that allows its users (consultants) to collect payments for the below items, (i) Paid service offerings offered
(ii) Against paid meetings offered
(iii) Against paid registrations done for an ‘Office Hour’
As a user of unremot, if you wish to collect payments from your customers against any of the above offerings, you can read through the below section for more details.
The payment-as-a-service feature of unremot, (i) Helps solopreneurs and independent consultants who are otherwise unable to avail a payment gateway,
(ii) Helps setting up a digital store-front and
(iii) Manage the technology stack associated with.
unremot allows its users to list their service offerings, collect, track and settle payments seamlessly through their dedicated personal office.
unremot accepts payments by Debit card, Credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay Credit Cards & Debit Cards - We accept VISA, MASTER, DISCOVER, DINERS CLUB, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS Credit Cards.
unremot uses ‘Stripe’ as its payment gateway partner for processing all their online payment.
Yes, making an online payment through Stripe payment gateway on unremot is absolutely safe and is PCI DSS compliant.
No, currently unremot does not have the option to make payment through EMI.
You can enter the coupon code on the payment page, under the field “Coupon Code”. After entering the code, you have to click on ‘Apply”.
To settle payment to developers, below are the basic information we need. And, you can update your bank details in your profile settings page IFSC/IBAN/ABA Routing Number
Bank name
Bank Address
Beneficiary Name
Account Number
Beneficiary Address
Type of Account
unremot follows the below steps to settle the payment after receiving the bank account details mentioned in the previous question. (i) First payment - a test payment of $1 will be made to the user’s account (this is applicable only for the first time settlement). Users are expected to confirm the receipt of this payment for us to initiate the remaining amount (ii) Subsequent payments - all the subsequent payments are automatically initiated within 3 business days, assuming that the test payment was successful
The first settlement may take upto 6 business days (because it involves a test payment), but the subsequent payments will be initiated within 3 business days.
Yes, you can attend meeting on phone.
Yes, unremot is compatible with all browsers. However, we recommend Chrome for the best experience.