Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions regarding UnRemot? Here are some Frequently asked questions to help you troubleshoot. Please contact us for other queries.

To create a new team go to - “Add a new team” on the left panel. You can add new team members using “Add Members” button on the top panel of your virtual team room.
Ensure you’ve signed up using the same Email ID that you received the invitation. Alternatively, you can request for the team URL to from your organiser.
You can create and manage up to 25 teams in your virtual office. And, add up to 18 members in each team.
You will get a pop-up on your browser requesting access to Camera and Microphone before entering a meeting.
To remove a member from a team just click on the team member in your virtual office which will open a pop-up with a link to remove the member. Please remember, only the team organiser can remove a member from their team.
Follow these steps to start a meeting in virtual space:
  1. Click on the team with which you want to have the meeting
  2. Click on “Enter my office” in the bottom panel
Follow these steps to view/share screens while in the virtual space:
  1. Follow the steps mentioned in the previous answer to join a call
  2. Once you are on the call, click on “Screens” in the right-hand panel
  3. Click in the screen to expand to full screen
Follow these steps to start a video session with a team
  1. Click on the team with which you want to have the video call
  2. Click on “Enter My Office” in the bottom panel
  3. Click on “Meeting” in the right-hand panel
  4. On the new tab, click on “Join This Meeting”
  5. Click on “Allow” for browser pop-up requesting camera & microphone access
UnRemot offers a free plan, suitable for very small teams. Check out the features available in free plan here.
You can visit our billing section under profiles and click on "Switch to another plan" to upgrade or make any other change.
You can stop or make changes in your billing anytime by clicking on the current plan available on the top panel or by visiting the billing section in your profile page
We collect your name, email address, and profile image to set up logion and team profiles
We encrypt all communications between servers and clients (chat, data and voice/video) using technologies like SRTP, SSL, and WSS.
Currently, UnRemot is available as a desktop-only platform. However, we will be launching a mobile app soon. Look out for UnRemot product updates here.
Yes, UnRemot is compatible with all browsers. However, we recommend Chrome for best experience.
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