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Hire Python Developers

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We have an elite list of Python developers who bring expertise across domains in the blockchain. Their focus is on guiding clients towards successful, compliant blockchain transactions and practices. Their mission is to protect clients from illegal and unethical blockchain practices.

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Fulltime Blockchain Assignment

Scope: A developer to work on the blockchain project, working in the US East coast time (EST). The expertise will be as per the below,Understand the requirements, create use case documentsDevelop a system architectureScript using ...

Scope of services
  1. Scripting in Solidity
  2. Exposure to other scripting languages
  3. Smart contract deployment
  4. Wallet integrations
Himanshu Gautam Full stack blockchain developer, Python Developer
India | Exp: 4 years | Charges/hr: $30

Blockchain developer with expertise in building ground-up applications that has real-life impact

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Charges $2000
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Maiar wallet to React app transfer

Involves connecting Maiar wallet with React Native app. And the transfer of Creditbit (CRB) tokens which is on Elrond and Etherscan to React app.

Scope of services
  1. Setup connection of waller to app
  2. Transfer of Creditbit (CRB) to React app
Himanshu Gautam Full stack blockchain developer, Python Developer
India | Exp: 4 years | Charges/hr: $30

Blockchain developer with expertise in building ground-up applications that has real-life impact

5.0 2 rating(s)
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Charges $300
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Can't find what you want? We will find it for you!

How can a Python developer help you?

Guido Van Rossum started to work on developing Python in the late 1980s to replace the ABC programming language. Python Software Foundation has modified Python numerous times and released Python 3.10.4 in 2022.

Industry experts consider Python to be one of the most dynamic and versatile programming languages available. It is an object-oriented language and high-level programming language. Python developers have the flexibility of creating simple and complex programs. They can use the extensive libraries which support different programming languages like Java, C, C++, and JSON.

Companies offer python programming jobs for web development, machine learning, AI, scientific computing, or academic research. In this blog, we focus on Python developers and the features and popularity of Python.

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What is a Python developer?

What is a Python developer? Or what does a Python developer do? Python developers help code, design, debug, and develop programs. They usually work on server-side programming but can help businesses develop their technological framework.

A python developer's job description can vary. They may create an application for their company, design a framework for code, build tools to get the job done, offer new services, or create website applications.  The developer works with data to answer database questions and provide insights. Companies may prefer to hire a Python developer or freelance Python developer.

Python programming skills are popular. According to Stackflow, Pythons is one of the most in-demand skills. The average Python programmer's salary in the US is $114,423. Python development companies provide a range of business solutions like  ERP apps and B2C web solutions.

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Key aspects of Python software development

Key features of Python software development are,

  1. Easy to code – Python is an easy language to learn and code. You can learn it in a matter of hours or days. Python is simpler than other object-oriented programming languages.
  2. Open source and free – Python is an open-source language, and any Python software developer can help build and develop it. Python has an active forum where the best Python coder gathers to improve the language. It is free to download and can be used in any operating system.
  3. Support for GUI  - The user interface is a key feature of any program. Python has many GUIs libraries and tools that developers can import easily.
  4. Object-oriented approach – Python is an object-oriented language and software engineer Python uses classes and concepts like encapsulation to build efficient programs.
  5. High-level language -  Python is a high-level language. Python coders need not worry about system architecture and memory management.
  6. Integrated by nature – The Python interpreter executes one line of code at a time. The debugging process is easier and more efficient than in other object-oriented languages.
  7. Portable – Python is a portable language and software development with Python, giving the flexibility to run programs on different operating systems without modifying the code.
  8. Dynamic – Python is a dynamic language. The type of variable is decided at run-time and not in advance. Coders do have to specify the variable type during coding, saving time and improving efficiency.
  9. Extensive library – Python has an extensive library, and coders can import the libraries and use them for a specific program. If you hire Python coders, they use existing libraries to code efficiently.
  10. Support for other languages – Python is based on a C program. Python supports code written in other programming languages like Java, C, and C#.

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Benefits of hiring a Python programmer for new-age applications

There are several benefits if you hire a Python programmer for your applications,

  1. Easy-to-learn - Programmers often get frustrated about learning the rules and syntax of a new programming language. Python is similar to English and does not have a steep learning curve. It is the best choice for people new to coding.
  2. Active and supportive community – Python is an old language with a well-established user community. There is ample documentation, guides, and tutorials. Python developers can contact the community for solutions.
  3. Flexible – Python is not a domain-specific language and you can use it to program in your domains. You can use it for web development, data analytics, data science, data engineering, or machine learning. Many top companies use Python.
  4. Offer versatile web-development solutions – Python offers effective web development solutions. Python developers use open-source libraries for various web applications. Though java and .net offer better performance, the speed and developer experience make java for python programmers efficient.
  5. Suited for data science – Python is a reliable option for data science and data analysis. The program is easy to use, support, and flexible making it ideal for machine learning, big data, and cloud computing and is ideal for analyzing and organizing data set.
  6. Effective, fast, and reliable – Python is slower than languages like Java, C++, or JavaScript. The development time is much lower in Python, and developers can create powerful applications easily.
  7. Used for IoT Technology – As wireless technology becomes more widespread, a lot of technology (internet of things) devices have become popular. Many of these devices run on Python, allowing users to modify the program.
  8. Allows customization – Writing code can be time-consuming and writing a program for a simple task can be tedious. Python uses tools to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks.
  9. Ideal academic language – Python is taught in schools and colleges, ensuring the language is relevant.

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Top 10 offerings of a Python developer

Python professionals can hold several jobs like Python developers, data scientists, or machine learning engineers. The job profile depends on the industry, company, and job profile. Python is commonly used in the big data center as a binder between other languages and is used by game developers as the glue between C/C++. Python programmer jobs are well paying. You find Python developers on job portals and in the Python community. Python developers India firms are carrying out cutting-edge work.

1. Python coder tech lead

Python coder tech leads are responsible for enterprise development while providing required backup from concept and design to testing. They design and write complex code to create scalable and user-friendly applications. Python coders for hire are responsible for product delivery. The coder works to improve the overall performance and responsiveness of the program. They guide and mentor their team on various activities that may require research. Coders evaluate and use new Python libraries and tools.

2. Senior Python software engineer

Senior Python software engineers should be self-motivated, skilled in multitasking, and a team player. They will be responsible for developing new software products and enhancing the existing products. They should comfortably handle large-scale applications and frameworks. The engineer should be skilled programmers with experience in Python, Django/Flask, or any other Python-based rest framework. Python programmers for hire should have a good understanding of SQL databases and cloud technologies.

3. Python software development company hire Python developers

Python software Development Company looks to hire Python developers to create dynamic software applications. Python developers coordinate with the development team to determine application requirements. They assess, prioritize client feature requests, and write scalable code. Python developers for hire, test, and debug applications. The developer works on back-end components and integrates user-interface elements using server-side logic.

4. How to become a Python full stack developer?

How to become a Python full stack developer?  Web development has two parts- front-end and back-end web development. The front-end web developer works on the user interface. while the back-end developer concentrates on hidden parts of the website. The full-stack developer is capable of designing a complete website.

  1. Start by learning front-end technologies. To design the front-end interface, you need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These are easy to learn, and there are many resources online.
  2. Concentrate on learning the basics-  Python is an easy language to learn.  Start by focusing on understanding how to write the code, its syntax, etc. Python programming websites are useful resources.
  3. Learn a web development framework like Django or Flask – You now have to shift focus to back-end programming. Python uses web development frameworks like Django or Flask for back-end development. Flask is a lightweight framework that is easier to learn and is ideal for small programs. Django has a steeper learning curve and has several unique features. You can make web development simple and powerful.
  4. Once you have mastered the basics, create projects to solve real-world problems. There are several ideas online.
  5. You can apply for a full-time or Python freelancer position. An average full-stack Python developer's salary is $98,505. The developer's salary depends on education, experience, additional skills, and certifications.

5. Python server-side developer

Python server-side developers must be able to write efficient, reusable, and scalable code. They should understand business requirements and feature modification requests. The developer of Python works to integrate user-orientated elements with different applications and data storage solutions. They develop server-side components to enhance performance and receptiveness, server-side logic, statistical learning models, and web-based applications.

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6. Jr Python developer

Jr. Python developers typically have experience of 2 to 5 years.  They should be proficient in developing a dynamic web app with the Django framework, following best coding practices. They should have basic architecture knowledge and design principles.  The developer should be able to build scalable apps and help in code deployment on the server. The Python developer should have basic security and data protection knowledge.

7. Django Web dev with Python

Django Web dev with Python will get the opportunity to strengthen back-end and front-end skills. They write and maintain Django models, views, and URLs. Python web developers provide required technical support to the team to solve problems and optimize the platform.  They customize the Django admin interface. Web dev-Python meets stakeholders to understand project requirements and create a project roadmap. They ensure their code follows best industrial practices.

8. Python software development services

Python software development services cover a range of software development services from business analysis and planning guiding you on machine learning solutions to web application development. Python expert company provides hands-on tech leadership. Python software development services may include web development, game development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, audio and video applications, business applications, and data science and visualization.

9. Python backend developer

Python backend developers can have varied job profiles depending Python development company domain. They may require development experience in the crypto/NFT.  They need to help their company build robust backend components and focus on security and data protection. The developer works with relational databases and experience in AI/ML is a plus. Python developers for hire should be familiar with DevOps with experience working with AWS.

10. Python freelance developers

Companies outsource Python development work. Python freelancers looking for work may look to outsource Python for the backend or frontend. Python contractors are responsible for the coding, designing, and debugging of Python freelance projects. Python consulting may involve working on projects on web development, artificial intelligence, mobile applications, and machine learning. The Python consultant looks for ways to integrate data storage solutions. Remote Python developers should have comprehensive knowledge of object-relational mapping.

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