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We have an elite list of Near developers who bring expertise across domains in the blockchain. Their focus is on guiding clients towards successful, compliant blockchain transactions and practices. Their mission is to protect clients from illegal and unethical blockchain practices.

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Fulltime Blockchain Assignment

Scope: A developer to work on the blockchain project, working in the US East coast time (EST). The expertise will be as per the below,Understand the requirements, create use case documentsDevelop a system architectureScript using ...

Scope of services
  1. Scripting in Solidity
  2. Exposure to other scripting languages
  3. Smart contract deployment
  4. Wallet integrations
Himanshu Gautam Full stack blockchain developer, Near Developer
India | Exp: 4 years | Charges/hr: $30

Blockchain developer with expertise in building ground-up applications that has real-life impact

5.0 2 rating(s)
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Charges $2000
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Maiar wallet to React app transfer

Involves connecting Maiar wallet with React Native app. And the transfer of Creditbit (CRB) tokens which is on Elrond and Etherscan to React app.

Scope of services
  1. Setup connection of waller to app
  2. Transfer of Creditbit (CRB) to React app
Himanshu Gautam Full stack blockchain developer, Near Developer
India | Exp: 4 years | Charges/hr: $30

Blockchain developer with expertise in building ground-up applications that has real-life impact

5.0 2 rating(s)
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Charges $300
Can't find what you want? We will find it for you!
Can't find what you want? We will find it for you!

How can a Near developer help you?

Near protocol or NEAR is specialized software used to boost computer network systems. It allows developers to operate on a platform for creating and launching decentralized applications or DeFi. Due to its concept of sharding, the process of splitting the infrastructure of the computer network, the protocol is being sorted for by companies. The efficient way of retrieving the data from the network and scaling the platform is the key feature of the NEAR foundation blockchain.

NEAR developers are being hired for developing, innovating, and enhancing the NEAR blockchain ecosystem. In this article, we will focus on what is near blockchain, the key attributes of the NEAR protocol ecosystem, and the top offerings of a NEAR developer.

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What is Near protocol?

NEAR protocol is capable of handling fractions of computer network transactions. The network is divided into small segments known as nodes, which are the center of the protocol design. Thus acting as a platform for a NEAR developer.

Then segments of the NEAR blockchain protocol are distributed among the network participants. This creates an efficient mechanism of data retrieval and platform scaling. The operation is similar to the other data storage systems which are centralized. It serves as a base layer on which the applications are built. The entire Near protocol blockchain is maintained and operated by the network of computers which is distributed and not run by a single entity.

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How does Near crypto work?

Now that we have understood the definition of NEAR protocol let us try to understand how does NEAR  crypto work. It is a PoS or Proof of State blockchain specifically because of its sharding functionality called “Nightshade”. The design of the architecture is such that each node participating in the blockchain will store a subset of the platform data.

The NEAR foundation system has an application called Rainbow Bridge, allowing the transfer of Ethereum tokens. To use it, the users need to first deposit tokens in an Ethereum smart contract. To launch the Ethereum decentralized applications, Aurora is used to building on the NEAR protocol.

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Key attributes of NEAR blockchain

Let us try to understand the key attributes of NEAR blockchain technology and which are important for a NEAR developer to be aware of,

  • Promotes progressive security model through its approach of the first usability
  • Offers easy subscriptions and predictable pricing
  • Simple onboarding where developers can create familiar web experiences for the users. The account names are readable and not like typical wallet addresses which are cryptographic
  • Leverages sharding strategy where the network is equipped to grow its capacity allowing the provision for increased joining of nodes
  • Speed optimization through the concept of multi-shards being leveraged while executing the transactions
  • Uses Threshold Proof of Stake as a staking technique which is predictable
  • Infrastructure monetization through a secure mechanism
  • The NEAR protocol token is an ERC-20 token that can be used to pay transaction and storage fees
  • Contains numerous programming languages, tools, and smart contracts to aid the developers in creating and building decentralized applications

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Top 10 offerings of Near developers

In this section, we are going to discuss the top 10 offerings of NEAR developers. The sub-sections will focus on the services provided by a NEAR developer with regard to the development of a NEAR app or any other decentralized applications, training and learning services, assisting in NEAR projects, and even guiding new entrants for a job interview and resolution of problems.

1. Help in leveraging the facilities of Near NFT

Just like another blockchain network, NEAR NFT is also considered very secure and effective, especially in the world of digital artwork. A NEAR developer helps in understanding the concepts of NEAR blockchain NFT and its usage. This ensures the original artist is adequately incentivized.

2. Resolving issues related to Near protocol crypto

A NEAR developer often joins forums, webinars, and conferences to help in resolving issues and problems related to NEAR protocol crypto. They try to guide young developers to understand what is Near protocol, Near block explorer, Near blockchain token, and many other concepts related to the platform.

3. Training on NEAR blockchain ecosystem

Digital networking and blockchain system are emerging technologies. There are doubts among many on is NEAR a blockchain, what are the attributes of the crypto NEAR platform and the concepts behind it. An experienced NEAR developer arranges learning and training courses, and webinars for the new developers and people aspiring to be NEAR developers.

4. How to maintain a NEAR wallet

Maintaining a NEAR wallet is very essential for those who are conducting transactions using the blockchain NEAR platform. A NEAR developer helps users to maintain a NEAR wallet ensuring the coins are stored securely and utilized for legitimate transactions.

5. Aid in conducting transactions using NEAR coin

Transacting using NEAR coin is gaining prominence. One of the key services offered by a NEAR developer is to leverage the exchange NEAR platform to conduct transactions securely and safely. They aid in understanding which transactions are for long-term benefits and good for investment and purchase.

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6. Guide for jobs related near token and platform

New aspirants often seek guidance on the probable questions related to job interviews related to the NEAR token and platform. An experienced NEAR developer can provide appropriate companies of firms to apply for jobs and the common interview questions.

7. How to use Near fungible token

Many users need assistance on how to use a NEAR fungible token and also what are the pre-requisites for the usage. Besides they also want to know is there any NEAR protocol price associated with it. A NEAR developer helps in understanding how to send a fungible token to an account and the need for the storage deposit for it.

8. Assist in Near blockchain explorer and platform projects

An experienced NEAR developer acts as a mentor and guide for NEAR blockchain explorer and platform projects. They review the technical specifications and also help in resolving issues as and when needed. This helps in the smooth execution of the projects.

9. Aid in Near DeFi project

A NEAR DeFi project involves creating or hosting decentralized applications on the NEAR platform or blockchain network. A NEAR developer helps in executing projects by providing adequate guidance in the design and development activities.

10. How to leverage the infrastructure of Near DAO

While developing apps using NEAR technology, it is important to understand the infrastructure of NEAR DAO and how to use it for the design and development work. A NEAR developer will help in understanding the details of the architecture and the technique to leverage the same.

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