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We have an elite list of crypto lawyers who bring expertise across domains in crypto. Their focus is on guiding clients towards successful, compliant crypto transactions and practices. Their mission is to protect clients from illegal and unethical crypto practices.

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Write smart contract and unit test script

I can write solidity & rust smart contract and unit test script for it.

Scope of services
  1. Design the Defi applications
  2. Develop and deploy the Defi
  3. Automation testing
Smith Zhang Blockchain developer, Crypto Lawyer
China | Exp: 3 years | Charges/hr: $50

I am experienced blockchain developer who has been working for 3 years as blockchain developer, 7 ye...

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Charges $50
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Initial legal consultation

Helping you around legal issues that might arise

Scope of services
  1. General information or Canadian legal information
Erwan Jonchères Expert in Blockchain Legal Systems, Crypto Lawyer
Canada | Exp: 4 years | Charges/hr: $250

Crypto & blockchain lawyer - NFT & electronic music maker - French living in Canada.

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Charges $300
Can't find what you want? We will find it for you!
Can't find what you want? We will find it for you!

How can a Crypto lawyer help you?

A crypto lawyer is a licensed attorney who is experienced and has an understanding of cryptocurrency-related legal issues. They can assist you and your company in dealing with investor lawsuits, liabilities, regulatory and administrative issues, and sanctions. This means that a crypto lawyer is generally acquainted with all the major issues in the cryptocurrency industry.

Clients can take the help of crypto lawyers to navigate the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Companies or businesses involved in cryptocurrency can find a crypto lawyer useful by getting legal advice. Crypto lawyers have knowledge of both cryptocurrency and law.

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What is crypto law?

Crypto law is the law related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. It basically deals with rules and regulations related to cryptocurrency. Following crypto law is mandatory if you are planning to get involved in cryptocurrency trading and investment. Each state has its own laws in place that must be followed. A crypto lawyer has knowledge of all these laws.

Crypto laws help in resolving issues and complications related to cryptocurrency. They also help prevent clients from fraudulent transactions and malpractice. One must understand crypto law before building an investment plan in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Who is a cryptocurrency lawyer?

A cryptocurrency lawyer is a professional who has knowledge of both law and cryptocurrency. They use their expertise to represent individuals, companies, businesses, and organizations in the defense and prosecution of their crypto-related claims. Additionally, cryptocurrency lawyers provide the most up-to-date guidance on the latest regulatory and compliance developments on cryptocurrency.

Crypto lawyers help their clients navigate the legal landscape of digital currencies. Furthermore, they work closely with their clients to build a financial investment plan that helps them achieve their financial goals. Crypto lawyers also advise on the latest tax regulations.

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How do crypto attorneys work?

Crypto attorneys help in the survival and growth of the crypto-business of their clients. They assist in staying afloat in the constantly changing cryptocurrency environment and grow sustainably. Before hiring a crypto attorney you must learn how they work and what services fo they offer. 

Search for a good crypto lawyer online or ask for a reference. Make sure to check their reviews, qualifications, experience, and area of expertise before hiring them for the role. Ensure that their skills match your requirements. Schedule an appointment to have a face-to-face interaction and share your goals. 

Once the crypto attorney is aware of your project and future goals, they will help you devise a plan to grow further. If you are facing a legal issue, crypto lawyers will advise you on how to resolve it and avoid legal disputes in the future.

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Top 10 offerings of a crypto lawyer

The increase in the popularity of cryptocurrency in recent times has led to a rise in the demand for crypto lawyers. These professionals provide legal assistance in crypto matters. If you are in need of hiring a legal crypto expert, here are the top 10 offerings of a crypto lawyer that you should know about.

1. Work as an electronic lawyer

An electronic lawyer or a digital lawyer is an attorney that covers both data protection and electronic commerce. They are experienced in digital, technological, and privacy laws. A crypto lawyer provides assistance in best practices for electronic transactions and keeps you protected from fraudulent transactions.

2. Advisory on cryptocurrency laws by state

A cryptocurrency lawyer advises clients on local laws and state laws related to cryptocurrency. An experienced lawyer is aware of all the laws and helps clients avoid legal liabilities. They ensure that all the crypto transactions are as per the law laid by the government.

3. Bitcoin lawyer counsel on best practices

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are slowly being accepted by the government. Since it is an emerging technology, the rules and laws are constantly evolving. Keeping track of everything  may get tiresome. Hiring a bitcoin lawyer means you get counseled on best crypto practices.

4. Cryptocurrency attorney offers crypto licensing

Cryptocurrency attorney helps clients get a license for carrying out cryptocurrency transactions and trading. This time-intensive and complex work is carried out seamlessly by crypto lawyers with their expertise and skills. Get professional legal consulting from a crypto attorney before availing of a crypto trading license.

5. Bitcoin attorney manages crypto-related legal issues

A bitcoin attorney has knowledge and understanding of both law and cryptocurrency. They must be approached when you need help with any crypto-related issue. Most crypto-related issues need legal assistance and a bitcoin attorney helps resolve them. They counsel on licensing and contractual needs. 

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6. Prepares cryptocurrency legislation documentation

Crypto lawyers with their specialized technical and legal expertise help their clients in preparing crypto-related paperwork and documentation. They help clients protect proprietary information by creating legislation documentation. Additionally, a crypto lawyer also helps in organizing internal policies and practices for compliance purposes.

7. Crypto tax attorney offers guidance on tax and regulation

A crypto tax attorney has in-depth knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency and law. They guide their clients on tax and regulation through their expertise in crypto law. They keep themselves updated with the latest happenings to help their clients follow best practices and avoid lawsuits.

8. Cryptocurrency investigator investigates crypto issues

Most crypto projects face legal issues due to a lack of knowledge and constantly evolving rules and regulations. A cryptocurrency investigator is responsible for investigating crypto issues and finding a solution for them. Any crypto-related issues are taken care of by a crypto lawyer.

9. Guidance on crypto trading rules

There are several rules in place when it comes to crypto trading. These rules are laid by the local and the state government to keep track of transactions and regulate the cryptocurrency. A crypto lawyer helps in guiding clients through these trading rules and ensuring they don’t suffer any financial losses.

10. Lawyers specializing in cryptocurrency work closely together

Lawyers specializing in cryptocurrency work closely together to assist clients in crypto matters. They work together to provide the best counsel to their clients and help them build the best investment strategy to get the best returns. Furthermore, crypto lawyers take guidance from each other for legal matters.

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