Hire Chainlink Developers

Hire Chainlink Developers

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We have an elite list of Chainlink developers who bring expertise across domains in the blockchain. Their focus is on guiding clients towards successful, compliant blockchain transactions and practices. Their mission is to protect clients from illegal and unethical blockchain practices.

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Fulltime Blockchain Assignment

Scope: A developer to work on the blockchain project, working in the US East coast time (EST). The expertise will be as per the below,Understand the requirements, create use case documentsDevelop a system architectureScript using ...

Scope of services
  1. Scripting in Solidity
  2. Exposure to other scripting languages
  3. Smart contract deployment
  4. Wallet integrations
Himanshu Gautam Full stack blockchain developer, Chainlink Developer
India | Exp: 4 years | Charges/hr: $30

Blockchain developer with expertise in building ground-up applications that has real-life impact

5.0 2 rating(s)
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Charges $2000
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Maiar wallet to React app transfer

Involves connecting Maiar wallet with React Native app. And the transfer of Creditbit (CRB) tokens which is on Elrond and Etherscan to React app.

Scope of services
  1. Setup connection of waller to app
  2. Transfer of Creditbit (CRB) to React app
Himanshu Gautam Full stack blockchain developer, Chainlink Developer
India | Exp: 4 years | Charges/hr: $30

Blockchain developer with expertise in building ground-up applications that has real-life impact

5.0 2 rating(s)
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Charges $300
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Can't find what you want? We will find it for you!

How can a Chainlink developer help you?

Chainlink is a decentralized network of nodes that provides real-world data to smart contracts on the blockchain via Oracle. Smart contracts are pre-established agreements on the blockchain that automatically approve transactions between two parties when certain conditions are met successfully. 

A Chainlink developer is an expert who has knowledge of smart contracts and blockchain. They also have deep experience building Blockchain with Chainlink. Chainlink gives developers the oracle infrastructure and tools required to build scalable and externally-connected DApps on multiple different blockchains and layer-2 networks. Chainlink developers get an easy-to-use platform to write hybrid smart contracts.

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What is Chainlink technology?

Chainlink is a blockchain-based decentralized oracle network. Oracles help connect blockchains to external systems, although the original oracle network is centralized, Chainlink decentralizes the process and uses hybrid smart contracts to move the data on and off blockchains. The Chainlink decentralized oracle network is a system of nodes that follow a set of fixed protocols. 

Since Chainlink allows data exchange between blockchains and off-chain systems in a decentralized and secure manner, the Chainlink oracle network has many use cases. The Chainlink technology is being used in many applications including Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), gamified personal savings, etc.

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How does chainlink work?

Chainlink works by providing a platform for Blockchain Oracles. Oracles act as a bridge between on-chain and off-chain data by enabling hybrid smart contracts to retrieve data from the outside world. Chainlink uses two different ways to obtain off-chain data.

  • Reference data - Reference data is the quickest way to obtain off-chain data but they have certain limitations in terms of what they can offer. Reference data are on-chain reference points for accessing external data and are updated on a regular basis.
  • Request and receive - Request & receive allows smart contracts to obtain data from any external off-chain API.

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Key attributes of the chainlink ecosystem

The Chainlink blockchain is capable of sharing inputs, outputs, and computations securely. Let us take a look at the key attributes of the chainlink ecosystem,

  • Decentralized data feed - Data can be collected from multiple sources in a secure manner and processed for hybrid smart contracts. Chainlink decentralizes the process of moving data on and off blockchains with hybrid smart contracts.
  • Cross-blockchain operability - Chainlink can connect several blockchain platforms with each other to support the exchange of messages, tokes, and specific actions. It can also access any of the major blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Solana, and Terra.
  • Verifiable sources of randomness - Chainlink is used by applications such as games that require cryptographically secure randomness.
  • Enables automation - Key functions and event-driven tasks of an enterprise can be successfully automated with Chainlink smart contracts.
  • Open-source - Chainlink is an open-source blockchain project which allows anyone to view the project’s code and contribute to its betterment.

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Top 10 offerings of chainlink developers

Chainlink developers are experts with a deep understanding of Chainlink and have in-depth experience in building with Chainlink. Chainlink developers are passionate about sharing their technical knowledge. Here are the top 10 offerings of chainlink developers that you must know before hiring one.

1. Setting up a Chainlink wallet

To make the most out of your Chainlink tokens, you need to have the best Chainlink wallet. There are several Chainlink wallet options that you can explore. BRD Wallet, Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Coinbase wallet, are some of the best wallets. A Chainlink developer can help you set up these wallets in an efficient manner. 

2. Supports Chainlink developer when needed

A Chainlink developer inspires and equips other developers to use Chainlink. They lend a supporting hand to Chainlink developers to build a following for themselves and Chainlink. Chainlink developer participates in conferences and events to promote Chainlink by giving speeches and networking with fellow developers.

3. Provide Chainlink services

A Chainlink developer provides multiple services as part of their role. This includes building the Blockchain SDK, and the tools and frameworks to support core workflows in the Chainlink ecosystem. They also help in scaling Chainlink to integrate with more blockchains and make the SDK available to the border community.

4. Help to open Chainlinks

A Chainlink developer takes complete ownership of the Chainlink project-related requirements. Chainlink developers own large components of the toolkit that helps in creating applications that work on the Chainlink oracle network to exchange data with the outside world in a secure and decentralized ecosystem.

5. Develops a Chainlink roadmap

A Chainlink developer lends insight and support in creating a Chainlink roadmap for the organization. This roadmap has an elaborative view of what can be achieved in the future and what steps should be followed in order to do that. Chainlink roadmap helps developers decide their next steps.

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6. Provides assistance as a Chainlink advisor

For a Chainlink to work effectively, one must ensure that the data transferring on Chainlink is highly secure. To ensure this, hiring Chainlink developers as advisors is crucial. With their knowledge and experience in Chainlink, a developer can advise on the right and secure practices to use Chainlink.

7. Assists in Chainlink exchange

Chainlink exchange is a platform where you are allowed to sell, buy, trade, and exchange, the Chainlink altcoin. There are multiple platforms that enable users to buy this popular altcoin. A Chainlink developer helps in a hassle-free exchange of Chainlink cryptocurrency on trading platforms.

8. Creates Chainlink game

Chainlink oracle powers top NFT and gaming applications across the blockchain ecosystem covering a multitude of use cases. A Chainlink developer can help to create Chainlink games and DApps. If you are looking to have someone in your team with experience in developing or gamifying applications, hire a Chainlink developer.

9. Builds Chainlink smart contract

Chainlink provides developers with an easy-to-use framework for writing smart contracts that help in connecting to external resources by combining both on-chain and off-chain computation. A Chainlink developer can help you build hybrid smart contracts that are further used in creating scalable and externally-connected dApps.

10. Builds Chainlink app

Chainlink gives developers the oracle infrastructure and tooling needed to build scalable and externally-connected DApps on any blockchain. A Chainlink developer has the required knowledge and experience to build a feature-rich decentralized Chainlink application to provide global enterprises with a universal gateway to all blockchains. 

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