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Hire Blockchain Lawyers

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We have an elite list of blockchain lawyers who bring expertise across domains in the blockchain. Their focus is on guiding clients towards successful, compliant blockchain transactions and practices. Their mission is to protect clients from illegal and unethical blockchain practices.

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Write smart contract and unit test script

I can write solidity & rust smart contract and unit test script for it.

Scope of services
  1. Design the Defi applications
  2. Develop and deploy the Defi
  3. Automation testing
Smith Zhang Blockchain developer, Blockchain Lawyer
China | Exp: 3 years | Charges/hr: $50

I am experienced blockchain developer who has been working for 3 years as blockchain developer, 7 ye...

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Charges $50
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Blockchain development and consulting

Development of consulting on blockchain projects - for both short term and long term engagements

Scope of services
  1. Development or consulting assignments
  2. End to end assignments inclusive of backend and front end integrations
  3. Smart contract integrations
Niranjan Kumar Nirala Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Lawyer
India | Exp: 5 years | Charges/hr: $40

Talks about #nftmarketplace, #webdevelopment, #mobileappdevelopment, and #blockchaindevelopment

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Charges $40
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Blockchain Development and Consulting

I can help you in block-chain development and legal advises

Niranjan Kumar Nirala Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Lawyer
India | Exp: 5 years | Charges/hr: $40

Talks about #nftmarketplace, #webdevelopment, #mobileappdevelopment, and #blockchaindevelopment

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Charges $500
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Initial legal consultation

Helping you around legal issues that might arise

Scope of services
  1. General information or Canadian legal information
Erwan Jonchères Expert in Blockchain Legal Systems, Blockchain Lawyer
Canada | Exp: 4 years | Charges/hr: $250

Crypto & blockchain lawyer - NFT & electronic music maker - French living in Canada.

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Charges $300
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How can a Blockchain lawyer help you?

A blockchain lawyer is a lawyer experienced in digital cryptocurrency and blockchain. They can help you and your company from liabilities, investor lawsuits, regulatory and administrative actions, and sanctions while engaging in digital currency transactions. Blockchain-centric organizations can particularly find a blockchain lawyer useful by getting advice on legal compliance and systems design. 

Blockchain lawyers can also help your business avoid losses and negative publicity associated with fraudulent digital transaction practices by giving sound legal advice. Their main role includes resolving legal disputes related to digital currencies, setting proper rules for digital currency transactions, and more.

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What is blockchain law?

The law pertaining to blockchain and digital cryptocurrency is known as blockchain law. This basically deals with legal issues and complications related to blockchain. Abiding by blockchain law is mandatory if you are planning to start investing or innovating in this field. Hiring a blockchain lawyer will help you get access to the advice required to follow best practices. 

Blockchain law helps in regulating blockchain and digital cryptocurrencies in order to avoid exploitation. It helps in saving people from fraudulent acts and malpractices. One must understand blockchain law before laying down the rules for digital currency transactions.

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Who is a blockchain attorney?

A blockchain attorney is a professional who has knowledge of both law and blockchain technologies. They use their expertise to guide clients towards the best crypto transaction practices and avoid getting caught in fraudulent activities. They advise both innovators and investors regarding this complex and fast-growing technology. 

Blockchain attorneys work closely with their clients in order to understand their needs and devise a plan that helps them achieve their goals. With the help of blockchain lawyers, clients can easily navigate this rapidly evolving space. Attorneys also advise clients on the latest cryptocurrency tax strategies.

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How are blockchain legal services provided?

Blockchain legal services are provided by a blockchain lawyer or a blockchain attorney. If you are an innovator or an investor in need of some legal advice related to blockchain, then your first step should be to find a blockchain lawyer. Check the reviews and qualifications to understand if the lawyer is the right fit for you and your organization. Once you have made up your mind, reach out and schedule an appointment.

Discuss your goals and objectives during the meeting to come up with a strategy. Take advice on legal documentation, white papers, procedures, etc. Start following the strategy and get expert counsel whenever needed to avoid getting stuck in legal complications. Make sure that you convey your requirements clearly to get a failure-proof plan from the expert. There are several blockchain lawyers around you who can be communicated through job portals.

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Top 10 offerings of a blockchain lawyer

The rising popularity of blockchain has led to an increase in demand for blockchain lawyers. These professionals provide legal assistance in blockchain-related matters. If you are thinking of hiring an expert, here are the top 10 offerings of a blockchain lawyer that you should know about.

1. Counsel blockchain law firm on best practices

A blockchain lawyer offers its services by counseling blockchain law firms on best practices to avoid getting caught in fraudulent activities. They use their legal knowledge along with blockchain expertise to understand client objectives and craft a strategy that helps them achieve their goals. 

2. Blockchain lawyers offer crypto licensing

Blockchain lawyers help customers get a license for cryptocurrency trading and exchange projects. This time-consuming and complex work is handled efficiently by blockchain lawyers with their knowledge and experience. Get professional legal consulting before receiving a cryptocurrency exchange license to eliminate all legal complexities.

3. Advisory on blockchain and the law

A blockchain lawyer can provide legal advice to blockchain-centric organizations. This may include advice on white papers and commercial agreements for STO/ICO along with KYC, AML, and data protection compliance services. However, the most common offering remains to be the review of white papers, prospectuses, and other legally binding and non-binding documents.

4. Prepares blockchain legal documentation

Blockchain lawyers with their specialized technical and business expertise help their clients in preparing blockchain-related documentation and paperwork. They provide counsel on the necessary licensing agreements and contractual agreements to help clients protect proprietary information. Additionally, a blockchain lawyer also helps organize internal policies and practices for compliance.

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5. Helps in managing blockchain legal issues

A blockchain lawyer helps in handling legal disputes related to blockchain and digital cryptocurrency. They represent investors and consumers in high-stakes individual and class action litigation, resolve disputes between consumers and cryptocurrency exchanges. Most crypto-related projects face legal issues and a blockchain lawyer helps resolve them.

6. Guidance on blockchain regulation and compliance

Blockchain lawyers help clients get over the legal complexities of cryptocurrency and drive financial growth. They guide you on how to carry out successful crypto transactions without litigation. A blockchain lawyer has a deep understanding of blockchain regulation and compliance which can benefit you as an investor.

7. Advisory on civil blockchain law

Blockchain lawyers advise on civil laws related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since smart contract should be considered as any form of civil law contract, a blockchain lawyer helps in the legal aspects of it. They help in regulating smart contracts and focus on their potential applications.

8. Blockchain for lawyers

Blockchain can be useful for lawyers to streamline and simplify their transactional work. It helps Blockchain lawyers to digitally sign and immutably store legal documentation. Preparing, personalizing, and maintaining standard law documents can also get easy by using smart contracts, scripted text, and automated contract management.

9. Blockchain law group work closely together

Blockchain lawyers work closely with other important groups such as intellectual property, business and corporate, tax practice, etc to counsel clients on the best investment strategy that gets the best returns. They also provide assistance regarding licensing agreements and contractual agreements required to protect proprietary information.

10. Offers blockchain and law

A blockchain lawyer focuses primarily on the blockchain, cryptocurrency, mining, and smart contract matters. They help clients anticipate and address regulatory concerns in order to seize strategic opportunities. If you wish to steer clear of newly emerging legal issues in the area of cryptocurrency and blockchain, then we suggest you to hire a blockchain lawyer.

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