Praveen Gupta

Frontend Developer

India Exp: 4 years

Product design and brand positioning for web3 infrastructure protocol

The scope of this assignment includes the design and development of the product UI, ownership of the user experience, navigation and branding, and positioning for the product for a decentralized web3 infrastructure protocol. The work involves a thorough understanding of the target customer segment, the market landscape, and the product value proposition, before arriving at the right narrative on the website. The scope will involve both the conceptualization of the user experience and the designing of the respective screens.

Branding Consultation

One native English speaking North American branding expert who is well positioned to deliver the right messaging and narrative to users and developers in North America will be provided for a few hours every month for consultation. He has done branding and positioning for:

Coupled with inputs from client team and unremot's web3 marketing team, we will ensure the product positioning is perfect from the point of view of users in North America.

Resources involved

Below are the resources involved in this assignment,

  1. ONE UX designer
  2. ONE Product manager
  3. ONE Branding/Web3 expert (flexible, for limited hours)

Technology involved

  1. Designs on Figma

Estimated timeline

4 weeks

Total amount


Estimated Price


  • Scope review and milestones confirmation $250.00
  • At the end of every month $2,250.00
Scope of services
  • UX design
  • Frontend development
  • Branding and content writing
  • Product management

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