Pankaj Singh Rathore

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain India Exp: 4 years

Blockchain based fantasy sports gaming

Development of decentralised Fantasy sports game with event based rewards, community based staking pools.

Use cases

  1. Allowing users to connect with their wallets, create teams and participate in events
  2. Native token swap with $UST, staking pools and LP farming
  3. PvP and large pool contests
  4. Club ownership and rewards
  5. Management of users and token supply with burn mechanism
  6. Bringing off chain data and events on chain via multiple oracles and achieving consensus by 51% algorithm

Business Logic

Users will be able to participate in a fantasy sports game from multiple leagues across different sports by picking a squad of 11 players and scoring points based on each player’s live performance. Constant 5% rake fee across all contests, 40% of which is burnt, 50% is distributed equally among stakers and liquidity providers, 8% goes into development and 2% to Angel protocol. Allow ownership of 250 fan clubs on a first come first serve basis by depositing 1000 UST equivalent of native token. Price will dynamically affect burn rate to build a self balanced system and price-linked economy.

Technology involved

  1. Decentralisation through Terra blockchain
  2. Smart contracts on Rust
  3. Scripting on Node Js
  4. Wallet integration (Terra Station)

Estimated timeline

4 weeks

Total amount


Amount for Scope review and milestones confirmation


  • Scope review and milestones confirmation $150.00
  • Feedback and solutions provided $1,350.00
Scope of services
  • Revisiting existing contracts
  • Give feedback on current implementation
  • Provide ways to make the platform decentralised in a more efficient manner

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