Himanshu Gautam

Full stack blockchain developer

Blockchain India Exp: 4 years

NFT minting website on Ethereum

Design and development of an NFT website on Ethereum. Creation of NFT metadata from approximately 3000 unique designs provided.

Use cases

  1. Minting
  2. Presale and whitelist
  3. Wallet integration

Business Logic

Create an NFT listing and minting website on Ethereum for Phase 1 of Zodiac Eth project and allow users to connect their wallets, mint NFT's and participate in presale and whitelisting. Users should be able to connect their wallets and mint the NFT’s by paying a fixed minting price. In total, 11111 NFT’s are to be created using approximately 3000 designs and rarity logic provided by Zodiac Eth.

Technology involved

  1. Smart contracts on Solidity
  2. Creation of NFT metadata manually
  3. Wallet integration
  4. Frontend - React JS
  5. Backend - Node JS

Estimated timeline

8 weeks

Total amount


Amount for Scope review and milestones confirmation


  • Scope review and milestones confirmation $620.00
  • Creation of NFT metadata $1,240.00
  • Smart contract architecture and development $1,550.00
  • Frontend integration $1,550.00
  • Testing and going live $1,240.00
Scope of services
  • Creation of metadata
  • Smart contract deployment
  • Creation of blockchain APIs
  • Frontend development and integration
  • Hosting
  • Testing and going live

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