Himanshu Gautam

Full stack blockchain developer

Blockchain India Exp: 4 years

Development of programmable container NFT marketplace for the metaverse space

Development of phase 1 of Downtown - a metaverse project with programmable container NFTs and marketplace to allow brands and individuals to own 3D space in the Decntraland metaverse and display media assets, banners and host live events in the space without any technical interventions required on their part.

Use cases

  1. Ownership of 3D space with built in structures
  2. Ability to host media assets like NFTs, 3D models, banners and videos
  3. DAO voting rights proportional to space owned by each user
  4. Landing site for each brand which will be their 3D space
  5. Enable royalties to the platform for any secondary sale of the NFTs

Business logic

Users can come on the marketplace and buy three types of ERC721 programmable container NFTs - 60 NFTs of small dimensions, 30 NFTs of medium dimensions and 10 NFTs of entire floors. Each NFT will contain - Ownership of 3D space to display NFTs, 3D assets, 2D images and videos, Source code for the metaverse scene, Voting power and 3D coordinates. The NFTs that are bought by the customers will be a bare shell space, with placeholders that can accommodate images/assets, along with the logic that governs how each of these assets is welded to each other. The customers who buy the NFTs can upload the assets to IPFS, which they can retrieve anytime to load in their respective spaces. The individual users can decide what needs to go where, as far as the images and videos are concerned in their respective spaces. The editing interface shall be managed in 2D format. The users will have a left listing menu to choose the rooms, if they select, for example, Room A, the list of walls that are part of Room A - eg, Walls 1 to 3, will be listed for the user to perform further editing. A wall that is selected can be used to display one of the assets (images, videos, NFTs, etc). The assets which the users have uploaded to IPFS should be displayed on the same screen as a menu.

The larger NFTs will be programmed to allow display of more digital assets and have more voting power in the DAO. DAO members can vote on proposals shared by the admin on what to do regarding the common aspects that affect the whole space. All the aspects of the DAO except voting will be built offchain in phase 1. There will be a small royalty going back to the admin of the marketplace for every secondary sale of the NFTs. The landing site for each customer will be on the same website itself, there's no integration involved with the customer website. Detailed scope document for reference - Downtown scope

Estimated timeline

10 weeks

Total amount


Amount for Scope review and milestones confirmation


  • Scope review and milestones confirmation $900.00
  • Smart contract development $1,800.00
  • Creation of blockchain APIs $2,250.00
  • Frontend integration $2,250.00
  • Testing and going live $1,800.00
Scope of services
  • Smart contract architecture and development
  • Wireframes and UI
  • Frontend development
  • Creations of APIs
  • Frontend integration
  • Testing and going live

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