Himanshu Gautam

Full stack blockchain developer

Blockchain India Exp: 4 years

Development of a lottery platform on Juno

Creation of FuryRaffle, a lottery platform on Juno with all transactions happening in $FURY. The platform will generate a random number or allow the user to select a number and the winner will be determined based on randomness logic.

Use cases

  1. Allow users to play single & multiple entry lottery games
  2. Allow selection of winners based on a winning logic
  3. Allow distribution of prizes as an outcome of winning logic
  4. Allow users to connect their wallets and join various lottery pools (single entry and multiple entries)

Business Logic

Users should be able to come on the platform, connect their wallets and buy tickets for entry into the lottery pools by paying for them in $FURY. In total there will be 64 different pools on the platform based on different combinations of 4 factors - single entry or multiple entries, single winner or multiple winners, the runtime of the pool (30 min, 60 min, daily, weekly), and ticket size for entry ($5, $10, $25, $100). Two types of number generation to be enabled - random (done by the platform), choice (given to the user).

85% of the total fees collected in each pool shall be distributed back to the winning users, the platform keeps 15% in a central Fury Raffle wallet as rake fees. Pools with multiple winners can have a total of max 10 winners - 2 winners getting 39% each, 3 runners ups getting 4% each and 5-second runners ups getting 2% each. The platform will collect a 0.8% fee at the time of every user entry into a pool and every user collection of rewards which will all go to another central FanFury wallet. All of the functionality is to be enabled on Juno using the existing $FURY - $USDC pool created by the FanFury team. The platform must support Keplr and xFury wallet integration.

Detailed scope document for reference: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rT3yuz4RWoSIeYs5N2IBepC8jd59y7nOD8un9IG_g4o/edit

Technologies involved

  1. Smart contracts - Juno (unremot scope)
  2. Random number generation (unremot scope)
  3. Winner selection logic (unremot scope)
  4. Wallet integration - Keplr and xFury (unremot scope)
  5. Frontend - React JS (in FanFury scope)
  6. Backend - Node JS (in FanFury scope)

Resources provided by unremot

  1. Utsav - Fully dedicated Rust developer to create and deploy smart contracts
  2. Himanshu - Dedicated to initial research, logic building, blockchain architecture, and randomness logic
  3. Alaukik - As project manager and single point of contact for the FanFury team for execution-related communication

Estimated timeline

8 weeks

Total amount


Estimated Price


  • Initial research on blockchain architecture and randomness logic $1,180.00
  • Smart contract development $0.00
  • Creation of blockchain APIs $2,360.00
  • Integration with frontend and deployment to testnet $0.00
  • Testing and deploying on mainnet $2,360.00
Scope of services
  • Smart contracts architecture
  • Blockchain APIs
  • Frontend integration support
  • Testing and deployment on testnet
  • Testing and deployment on mainnet

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