Himanshu Gautam

Full stack blockchain developer

Blockchain India Exp: 4 years

DAO development for influencers

Design and development of a DAO platform for influencers and their followers. Influencers get to monetize their reputation and follower base, whereas the followers get special prices, offers and discounts from brands partnered with the influencers as well as exclusive access and ownership into the community.

Key use cases

  1. Creation of DAO user communities
  2. Enable deposits of MATIC in exchange for DAO tokens
  3. Allow benefits in proportion to amount of DAO tokens held
  4. Enable collection of transaction fees
  5. Management of the DAO communities

Business Logic

The influencers who sign up should be able to create a DAO, to which they can invite their followers to participate as members. The platform will be built on the Polygon network and the members will be allowed to deposit their MATIC and get an allocation of DAO tokens. The token supply of an individual DAO to be distributed amongst the users will be in control of the influencer. The DAO members can be eligible for discounts and offers from various brands in partnership with the influencer, get exclusive access to the influencer's personal life and benefits based on the amount of tokens held by the user. The admin of the DAO will have the option to control and manage the members, based on the underlying business logic (yet to be decided). All the events performed will be captured in the form of a dashboard, with various data points, as relevant to the users (members or admin). The transactional currency of the platform will be MATIC in the first phase. The platform will have its own native currency in the next phase of product development. The platform will charge a small fee for every transaction happening, and the fee will be accumulated in the central admin wallet. Other token functionalities like yield farming and staking to be enabled in the next phase of product development.

Technology involved

  1. Smart contracts on Solidity
  2. Frontend on React JS
  3. Backend on Node JS
  4. Metmask integration

Estimated timeline

16 weeks

Total amount


Amount for Scope review and milestones confirmation


  • Scope review and milestones confirmation $230.00
  • Wireframes and UI $4,600.00
  • Smart contract development $5,750.00
  • Creation of frontend and backend APIs $6,670.00
  • Integration, testing and going live $5,750.00
Scope of services
  • Smart contract architecture and deployment
  • Frontend APIs of the blockchain
  • Frontend development and integration
  • Database setup
  • UI/UX
  • Wallet integration

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