Himanshu Gautam

Full stack blockchain developer

Blockchain India Exp: 4 years

Blockchain based lottery gamification platform

Building a blockchain-based lottery gamification experience that should include the logic for wins, allotment of winner money, and the front end. 

Building a blockchain-based lottery game that randomly picks a winner and allots the winner money as per below,

  1. Winner gets 65% of the prize
  2. Second runner up gets 10% of the prize
  3. Third runner up gets 5% of the prize
  4. 20% of the prize goes to the platform

Business logic

A random pick of the winner and the allocation of the prizes as per the above shall be built using the Kecca 256 hash function and the rest of the functionalities shall be managed at the front end. ERC20 tokens will be used for the blockchain logic. 

Technologies involved,

  1. The blockchain to be used is Pulsechain
  2. Blockchain coding will be on Solidity
  3. Smart contracts to be created for the prize allocations
  4. React and Node Js for the front end coding

Programmers to be involved

  1. One Solidity Developer for the blockchain coding
  2. One Node Js Developer for the backend
  3. One React Developer for front end

Estimated timeline

3 weeks

Total amount


Amount for Scope review and milestones confirmation


  • Scope review and milestones confirmation $360.00
  • Use case and design architecture document $360.00
  • Smart contract and Kecca 256 logic deployment $360.00
  • Front end functionalities and integration $540.00
  • Deployment to production $180.00
Scope of services
  • Solidity based smart contract deployment
  • Kecca 256 hash function for the lottery logic

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