Tucker Blue 🔥

Blockchain Architect & Advisor | NFT, DAO, Web3, DoD

Blockchain United states Exp: 15 years

Blockchain Advisor (3/5 filled!)

A retainer agreement. This can be as a strategic advisor to the executive team/leadership, credit towards technical analysis (common with VC's), or an equity deal for blockchain DevOps/GTM (common with startups).

Estimated timeline

4 weeks

Total amount


Scope of services
  • Blockchain Technical Analysis/Report
  • DevOps GTM (Go-to-market) Roadmap & Implimentation
  • SaaS Product & Sales Strategy (Not limited to Blockchain, but it is my niche)
  • Solutions Architecture (Includes peripheral tech like kubernetes, DevOps, IaC, Smart Contracts, Cloud, etc)

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