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Software engineer, Bitcoin OTC Broker, Bitcoin Consultant, Crypto Financial Advisor, Blockchain Analyst, Bitcoin Broker, Cryptocurrency Consultant, Bitcoin Trader, ETH Trader, Blockchain Consulting Services, NFT Consultant, Digital Asset Investor, Cryptocurrencies
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My name is Aaron Doran. I am one of the Co-founders and chief crypto consultants at D&D Crypto Firm. Excited to leverage my experience as a software engineer to help you make smart investments in Cryptocurrency. Book a 10-minute FREE meeting with me to know more!

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Service offerings

Pre-built crypto tracker

Get a pre-built crypto portfolio tracker that is built in google sheets comes with a crypto tracker that makes API calls to retrieve live crypto data on all coins to see market trends and a dashboard to visualize your current cryp...

Charges $30

Crypto portfolio tracker

We can create you a custom crypto portfolio tracker app with complete dashboard and tracker. It will let you see your gains or cost in any coin you own to make sure you are on the right track to make a profit

Charges $320

Crypto invest consulting

We will go over all your crypto assets. Find which ones are making you money and which ones are losing you money. As well the trends of each coin you own.

Charges $40

Full management of crypto assets

We will manage your entire crypto portfolio or help you get started with one

Charges $800