Shailesh B Nair

Blockchain Developer / Architect / Consultant, Blockchain Analyst, Blockchain Consulting Services, NFT Consultant, NFT Developer, Blockchain Developer, Solidity Developer, Smart Contract Developer, Cardano Developer, Web3 Developer, Hyperledger Developer, Algorand Developer, Cosmos Developer, Avalanche Game Developer, Ethereum Developer, Bitcoin Developer, Polygon Developer, Corda Developer, Blockchain
  • India, Exp: 21 years, Charges/hr: Free

Using Technology to solve business problems

  • Blockchain
  • Avalanche Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Blockchain Development Framework
  • Blockchain Security
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • DeFi Development
  • Hyperledger Development
  • Polygon Development
  • Tezos Development
  • Cosmos Development
  • Corda Development
  • Solana Development
  • Solidity Development
  • Cardano Development
  • Rust Development
  • NFT Consultant
  • NFT Development

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Service offerings

Developing ZK proofs using Groth16, Halo, Halo2, PLONK

Using rust and golang frameworks zk proof system can be developed and used by different defi systems

Cost 22,400.00 USDT

Developing AI models on blockchain

Developing AI logics to deploy on blockchain framework like substrate, polygon edge, etc.

Cost 13,440.00 USDT

Layer 1 and Layer 2 Development in Multiple Chains

Developing Layer 1 Consensus and establishing state and data management of nodes with proper VM depending on the blockchain framework. Developing Layer 2 with Sequencers and Aggregators based on type of Rollups (Optimistic and ZK...

Cost 0.78 USDT