Ravi Krishnan

Founder at Filmrare, Blockchain Analyst, Blockchain Consulting Services, Crypto Consulting, NFT Consultant, NFT Developer, Blockchain
  • India, Exp: 14 years, Charges/hr: $30

Building Filmrare bringing together entertainment and Web3. Always up for a chat about Crypto, NFTs, and Metaverse's application in enterprises. Have opinions about NFT applications in art & entertainment. Hit me up for a chat about the future.

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Service offerings

Metaverse NFT Project for Filmrare

To build a platform that allows brands/companies to purchase, deploy and launch metaverse as an NFT and which allows them to customize the space with various types of assets

Cost 10,150.00 $9,431.42

Advise your company to move from Web2 to Web3 offerings

I can help restructure your product features from Web2-based sales to NFT-based sales to capture the benefits of Web3 technology.

Charges $750

Decentraland 1x1 parcel SDK scene development

I can add SDK to your scene and make additions like 2D UI, Teleportation, Video, and others

Charges $500

Making money in the Metaverse

How can you enter the metaverse and be a part of the new economy? Earning in the metaverse is now more common than ever. Building wearables is a way for fashion designers to make money. Can you make your entry?

Charges $100

Critical feedback of your enterprise NFT project

Most NFT projects fail because they fail to cater to the fundamental problem that the target users are facing. I have been running a Web3 company for more than a year and have had both success and failure. Learn from my mistakes.

Charges $100