Ravi Krishnan

Founder at Filmrare, Blockchain Analyst, Blockchain Consulting Services, Crypto Consulting, NFT Consultant, NFT Developer, Blockchain
  • India, Exp: 14 years, Charges/hr: $30

Building Filmrare bringing together entertainment and Web3. Always up for a chat about Crypto, NFTs, and Metaverse's application in enterprises. Have opinions about NFT applications in art & entertainment. Hit me up for a chat about the future.

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Service offerings

Metaverse NFT Project for Filmrare

To build a platform that allows brands/companies to purchase, deploy and launch metaverse as an NFT and which allows them to customize the space with various types of assets

Cost 10,150.00 USDT

Advise your company to move from Web2 to Web3 offerings

I can help restructure your product features from Web2-based sales to NFT-based sales to capture the benefits of Web3 technology.

Charges $750

Decentraland 1x1 parcel SDK scene development

I can add SDK to your scene and make additions like 2D UI, Teleportation, Video, and others

Charges $500

Making money in the Metaverse

How can you enter the metaverse and be a part of the new economy? Earning in the metaverse is now more common than ever. Building wearables is a way for fashion designers to make money. Can you make your entry?

Charges $100

Critical feedback of your enterprise NFT project

Most NFT projects fail because they fail to cater to the fundamental problem that the target users are facing. I have been running a Web3 company for more than a year and have had both success and failure. Learn from my mistakes.

Charges $100