Pankaj Singh Rathore

Blockchain Developer, NFT Developer, Blockchain Developer, Solidity Developer, Smart Contract Developer, Cardano Developer, Web3 Developer, Rust Developer, Metamask Developer, DAO Developer, dApp Developer, Solana Developer, OpenSea Developer, Binance Developer, DeFi Developer, Metaverse Developer, Hyperledger Developer, Algorand Developer, Cosmos Developer, Ethereum Developer, Polygon Developer, Corda Developer, Tron Developer, Blockchain Consulting Services, NFT Consultant, Node Js Developer, Python Developer, Near Developer, Golang Developer, Blockchain
  • India, Exp: 4 years, Charges/hr: Free

I am a blockchain developer having a piece of vast knowledge of smart contract development on different kinds of blockchains.

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Service offerings

Defi Application on Solana

Swapping, Farming, and Staking functionality-based defi application on Solana blockchain.

Cost 6,000.00 $5,566.18

Solana Dapp Development

Development of Defi, NFT, Staking, Framing, Metaverse Gaming application on Solana blockchain.

Cost 4,000.00 $3,711.45

Develop Rust Based Blockchain.

End-to-end development of simple blockchain based on rust for nominal utilities like minting coins and NFTs.

Cost 6,000.00 $5,567.83

Blockchain based fantasy sports gaming

Development of decentralised Fantasy sports game with event based rewards, community based staking pools.Use casesAllowing users to connect with their wallets, create teams and participate in eventsNative token swap with $UST, sta...

Charges $1500