Nisanth - unremot

Frontend Developer, Cofounder & CTO of unremot, Blockchain Developer, React Developer, Node Js Developer, Government Associate, Graphic Designer, Blockchain
  • India, Exp: 14 years, Charges/hr: Free

Frontend developer with expertise in React, Laravel, Node, and web3 integrations.

  • UI/UX
  • UI Designer
  • Software Engineering
  • Social Media

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4.9 (14 reviews)

Amisha Sachwani

6 months ago

Abhishek Bansal

6 months ago

Avanti Shukla

6 months ago

Service offerings

Sourav payment

Payment for Artur and Ehsaan

Charges $5505

Development of mobile app MVP for a wealth tech project

Design and development of an Android application for a wealth tech investment project with a focus on smallcap stocks.Use casesBelow are the two key uses cases planned as part of phase 1 of product development,Provide research-bas...

Charges $15000

Development of a payment gateway aggregation platform for merchants

Design and development of phase 1 of a payment gateway aggregation system that allows merchants to collect payment from the prominent payment gateways integrated,Use casesAllow company users to onboard partner users and merchant u...

Charges $31000

Development of mobile and web application for booking hospital appointments

Development of hospital appointment system with mobile and web apps alongwith admin control panel. Data from both the apps should be in sync using APIs and the system should be customisable for different clients. The look and feel...

Charges $25000

Creation of a blockchain based carbon credits project website

Design and development of the frontend, UI/UX and creation of content for the website of a blockchain based carbon credits project.Key additionsContent related to carbon credits ecosystem and the application of blockchain technolo...

Charges $4900

Calculator using React

Simple web-based calculator using react

Cost 600.00 $551.14

Frontend for crypto arbitrage bot

Frontend development for a bot with the functionality of taking flash loans from DeFi protocols and look for arbitrage trading opportunities.

Cost 1,500.00 $1,377.58

Animation using nextjs and typescript

Frontend development, integrating the animation using Next Js and Typescript - suitable for websites with a large amount of interactive/animation-based content.

Cost 800.00 $734.71