Fintech Consultant & Blockchain Expert, Software Engineer, Others
  • United kingdom, Exp: 25 years, Charges/hr: $30

Fintech Consultant guiding clients in using Blockchain in selling and marketing real estate, e-commerce, and insurance across corporates in Australia, India, and the United Kingdom (UK)

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Service offerings

Blockchain training

Training on Blockchain and Smart contracts including deployment of Dapps

Charges $25

NFT Consultancy

Guidance and Consultation on NFT projects

Charges $30

NFT consultation and training

Complete A-Z guidance in NFT minting storing and marketing

Charges $30

Blockchain Consulting

We help in Blockchain Consulting

Charges $30

Property Tokenisation Expert

We will help you in converting a real estate asset into a token on the blockchain and putting it for sale.

Charges $100

Crypto Currency Investment Guidance

We will go over all your crypto investment. Find which ones are making you money and which ones are losing you money.

Charges $30

Crypto Portfolio

We can help you in a crypto portfolio management. It will let you see your gains or cost in any coin you own to make sure you are on the right track to make a profit

Charges $30

Metaverse Developer

Creating comprehensively engaging and immersive world, wants to enter in Metaverse world?

Charges $100