Himanshu Gautam

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  • India, Exp: 4 years, Charges/hr: $30

Blockchain developer with expertise in building ground-up applications that has real-life impact

  • Blockchain
  • Metamask Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Solidity Development
  • web3.0 Development
  • Cardano Development
  • Rust Development
  • NFT Consultant
  • NFT Development
  • Blockchain Consulting Services
  • Blockchain Analyst

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Service offerings

Development of DAO platform to allow fractional ownership of real estate assets

Development of DAO platform for a group to manage their DAO community members and their deposits to allow fractional ownership of real estate assets.Key use casesCreation of DAO user communitiesManagement of depositsManagement of ...

Charges $13000

Development of automated public and private auctions for an NFT project

Creation of automated public and private auctions with fixed prices for Polygon based NFT project. The art is non generative with one layer and all the rarity and attributes list will be provided by the customer.Technology usedSma...

Charges $2400



Cost 13,000.00 $12,081.62

Real Estate DAO

Real Estate DAO

Charges $0

Real Estate DAO

Real Estate DAO

Charges $0

Real Estate DAO

Create DAO for Real Estate Clients

Charges $0

Real Estate DAO

Create DAO for Real Estate Clients

Charges $0

Phase 1 development of blockchain based healthcare platform

Design and development of phase 1 of a decentralised healthcare platform to manage hospital/patient information efficiently. The platform will be a web application built on the Polygon network.Use casesAdmission to discharge cycle...

Charges $30000

Debugging and consulting for p2e project on Juno

Debug, review the codebase and trouble shoot as and when required to help FanFury, a play-to-earn project on Juno deploy on mainnet as quickly as possible. Consult FanFury, on the best way forward for their migration from Terra to...

Charges $60

Migration of EOS based social media dApp to Polygon

Migration of a decentralised social media platform on the EOS blockchain to the Polygon network with an Android, iOS and web application frontend.Technology involvedSmart contracts on SolidityiOS frontend on SwiftAndroid frontend ...

Charges $9000

Development of a blockchain based social media platform

Development of a decentralised social media platform on the Polygon network with an Android, iOS and web application frontend.Technology involvedSmart contracts on SolidityiOS frontend on SwiftAndroid frontend on KotlinWeb fronten...

Charges $29000

Testing and deploying nodes of the blockchain

Test and debug the repositories given and run the nodes of the blockchain, first on my server and then on client server. Document the whole process and share it with the client.

Charges $2200

Frontend development and smart contract API integration

Development of the frontend on React JS for FanFury and provide backend support for integration of APIs on a monthly basisUse casesCreate web pages on React from the UI designs givenIntegration of Keplr wallet and wallet connectIn...

Charges $2000

NFT marketplace for influencer endorsements

Design and development of an NFT marketplace for inlfuencer endorsements on Polygon network using ERC 1155 token standard.Use casesEnable influencers to list endorsement contracts as NFTsEnable users and brands to trade these NFTs...

Charges $18000

Crypto consultation and development

I can help you develop your crypto currency and provide consultation

Charges $30

Python development and consultation

I can help you with your python project, provide consultation and create reports

Charges $150

Development of a blockchain based religious platform

Design and development of Proud of Jesus (POJ) platform for Christians and create POJ coin as the transactional currency of the platformUse casesEnable social loginsEnable fiat deposits for POJ coin allocationEnable donations thro...

Charges $15000

Development of programmable container NFT marketplace for the metaverse space

Development of phase 1 of Downtown - a metaverse project with programmable container NFTs and marketplace to allow brands and individuals to own 3D space in the Decntraland metaverse and display media assets, banners and host live...

Charges $9000

Creation of token and private sale for blockchain based carbon credits ecosystem

Design and deploy the smart contracts for a token which will be the native currency of a carbon credits platform on Polygon network and have a private sale for the token. The token will be mineable, burnable, and will have role ac...

Charges $8000

DAO development for influencers

Design and development of a DAO platform for influencers and their followers. Influencers get to monetize their reputation and follower base, whereas the followers get special prices, offers and discounts from brands partnered wit...

Charges $23000

NFT minting website on Ethereum

Design and development of an NFT website on Ethereum. Creation of NFT metadata from approximately 3000 unique designs provided.Use casesMintingPresale and whitelistWallet integrationBusiness LogicCreate an NFT listing and minting ...

Charges $6200

Development of a lottery platform on Juno

Creation of FuryRaffle, a lottery platform on Juno with all transactions happening in $FURY. The platform will generate a random number or allow the user to select a number and the winner will be determined based on randomness log...

Charges $5900

Development of an NFT marketplace on Ethereum

Design and development of an NFT marketplace on EthereumKey use casesMintingBuying and selling NFT'sPresale and whitelistGas optimisationRoyalties on secondary salesWallet integration

Charges $3300

DEX with custom Dapp Tokens

Create a DEX with custom ERC20 Tokens

Cost 4,100.00 $3,810.36

ERC20 Token ICO

Develop ERC20 Token Factory for deploy proxies and perform ICO

Cost 3,000.00 $2,788.75

NFT Marketplace with custom ERC20 Token

Creation of NFT market where users can purchase NFT using market Dapp Token

Cost 1,500.00 $1,393.37

Gnosis DAO Factory

Develop DAO Factory allowing users to create own DAO with custom ERC20

Cost 5,000.00 $4,647.92

WhiteLabel NFT Marketplace

Custom Marketplace based on ERC 721 + ERC 1155

Cost 3,000.00 $2,788.75

Platform for tokenisation of trees

Build a blockchain based platform for tree tokenisation.Use casesEnable horticulture companies to represent their tree plantations as crypto tokensEnable users to connect their wallets, deposit fiat in exchange for the tokens and ...

Charges $16000

Trading bot development

Create a flash loan arbitrage crypto trading bot.Business LogicThe bot should come with the functionality of taking out a loan on AAVE/COMPOUND, look for arbitrage opportunities on various decentralised exchanges, pay the loan bac...

Charges $980

ICO setup

Set up an ICO for presale.Business LogicCreate a new coin and set up a presale funding round for it enabling users to connect their wallets and deposit ETH/BNB in exchange for tokens.Technology involvedSmart contracts in SolidityI...

Charges $4000

Decentralised certificate verification

Build a digital certificate generation and verification system using blockchain technology.Use casesAllow users to register using their id and upload their certificatesOn chain verification of certificates using student idAllow ad...

Charges $2000

Create a privacy coin

Create a privacy coin like Monero for users to transact in private.Use casesAllow users to transact and trade privatelyOnly admin can view the user dataNo way to link or trace previous transactions to make the coin fully fungibleO...

Charges $2500

PHP Laravel Developer

Provide consultancy for any projects in PHP Laravel

Charges $20

Blockchain game development

Build a game on blockchain, play to earn or otherwise

Charges $20

Centralised Exchange Development

Build a centralised crypto exchange (CEX) like Coinbase.Use casesAllow users to login and deposit fiat currencyAllow swaps between various crypto tokens and between crypto and fiatIntegration of cards for fiat paymentUser database...

Charges $2200

Creation of a decentralised exchange, similar to Pancakeswap

Creation of a decentralised exchange (DEX), similar to Pancakeswap, with all the necessary wallets integrated for SWAP, LIQUIDITY and FARMING functionalities.Use cases and user flows neededScenario 1 (Exchange>SWAP) - Allow con...

Charges $2200

Fullstack website development

Fullstack website development with complete frontend and backend integration

Charges $20

Polygon exchange developer

Build a crypto exchange on Polygon.Use casesAllow users to connect their wallets and have their own dashboardsAllow crypto swapsKYC from multiple countriesIntegration of cards for fiat paymentReal time chartsCreate stable coin on ...

Charges $4185

Troubleshooting in Python

Troubleshooting in Python assignment by reviewing the code, suggesting fixes

Charges $120

DAO development for syndicate investment

Development of DAO application for a group to manage their DAO community members and their deposits.Use casesDevelopment of DAO application that enables the below three use cases,Creation of DAO user communitiesManagement of depos...

Charges $3600

Fulltime Blockchain Assignment

Scope: A developer to work on the blockchain project, working in the US East coast time (EST). The expertise will be as per the below,Understand the requirements, create use case documentsDevelop a system architectureScript using ...

Charges $2000

Blockchain project for peer-to-peer swap & trading

Design and development of a blockchain app for peer-to-peer swap and trade tokens, as per the below scope,Swap on XRP LedgerConnect wallet with Xumm app or Ledger device.Select tokens from XRP Ledger tokens (including DBX Coin).Pe...

Charges $500

Maiar wallet to React app transfer

Involves connecting Maiar wallet with React Native app. And the transfer of Creditbit (CRB) tokens which is on Elrond and Etherscan to React app.

Charges $300

Donation Tracking and NFT Tokenisation

Creation of a blockchain system for donation tracking and NFT for experiences marketplace.There are two blockchain use cases in the project. Below is the summary,Use case 1 - Donation trackingUsers will buy experiences on Eversinc...

Charges $1200

Forking of Litecoin to create own coins

Includes full guidance and support in forking a new own coin using Litecoin. 

Charges $350

Blockchain training with deep dive into Solidity and smart contracts

This is a 9-hour long training program (9 sessions X 60 minutes) focused on blockchain fundamentals, cryptography, Solidity, and smart contracts. Below is the summary of what is being covered,Session 1 - Fundamentals of blockchain...

Charges $30

Blockchain based lottery gamification platform

Building a blockchain-based lottery gamification experience that should include the logic for wins, allotment of winner money, and the front end. Building a blockchain-based lottery game that randomly picks a winner and allot...

Charges $1800

Smart Contract Deployment

Smart contract deployment with basic parameters and tokens in place.

Charges $300

Design and development of an NFT marketplace

End to end design, development, testing, and deployment of an NFT marketplace that comes with the below features,Ability to upload and mint NFTs by artistsAbility to sell them in the marketplaceAbility to buyers to pay using walle...

Charges $1400

Design and development crypto exchanges

End to end design, development, testing, and deployment of DEX/CEX platform that comes with the below features,Exchange functionalitySwap among the currenciesLiquidityUser data management

Charges $1000

Fixing liquidity issue with the smart contract

The percentage of liquidity is having restrictions that need to be fixed. Currently, it doesn't allow adding 80% liquidity. For example, the first day is to be 20% but instead, it shows 80% now. More details are available at ...

Charges $720

DeFi, Wrapped Coins, StableCoin Development

I build decentralized finance, wrapped coins, and stable coins via Oracle for listing down cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

Charges $40

Building NFT using ERC721 or ERC1155 standards

I can help you build ERC 721, and ERC1155 tokens for various use cases for various smart contract deployments

Charges $40

End to end blockchain development

Design and development for an end to end blockchain systems, including APIs, unit testing, and go live

Charges $20

Cardano Smart Contract deployment

Completion of Cardano smart contract build, deployment and integration

Charges $1000

Metamask integration for website

Build and integrate of Metamask on the website of your choice, with all payment and exchange features

Charges $500

Blockchain consulting and training

Consulting and guidance on blockchain fundamentals, practical case studies, and implementation walkthroughs

Charges $20