Ben Baldieri

DAO, NFT, and Web3 Educator & Consultant, Bitcoin OTC Broker, Bitcoin Consultant, Crypto Financial Advisor, Blockchain Analyst, Bitcoin Broker, Cryptocurrency Consultant, Bitcoin Trader, ETH Trader, Blockchain Consulting Services, Crypto Consulting, NFT Consultant, NFT Developer, Digital Asset Investor, Cryptocurrencies
  • United kingdom, Exp: 8 years, Charges/hr: $200

To disintermediate is to remove the middle man from interaction. Web3 technologies enable this in ways that have never before been possible. I'll work with you to make sure you understand what these technologies are and how to use them.

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shakeb zuber

1 month ago

Jamal Mehdi

1 month ago

Shiju Radhakrishnan

Ben is a real expert when it comes to web3!

2 months ago

Service offerings

Introduction to DAOs - Group Course - 2-5 People

Learn what DAOs are, the current state of the DAO space, and where we might be going in the future!

Charges $900

How to DYOR in Web3 - Group Course - 2-5 People

Learning how to do your own research in crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain is an essential skill. Without it, you probably won't succeed. In this short course, I'll teach you how to DYOR, red-flags to look out for, and things t...

Charges $600

Introduction to NFTs - Group Course - 2-5 People

I'll teach you what NFTs are, how they work, different use cases, and how to acquire them!

Charges $900

Introductory 10h Group Course - Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, DAOs, NFTs - The What, How, & Why of Web3

Small group course up to 5 people covering all of the salient points and technology of Web3. By the end of the 10h course you will have a solid understanding of all of the core Web3 technologies, how they work, how to use them,...

Charges $3000