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  • India, Exp: 5 years, Charges/hr: Free

I am working as an independent contractor, freelancer developer, content creator, corporate trainer, and hands-on instructor for companies and organizations.

  • Blockchain
  • Consulting
  • Avalanche Development
  • Binance Smart Chain Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • DeFi Development
  • Flow Development
  • Hyperledger Development
  • NFT Minting

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Pratibha Nair

11 months ago

Shiju Radhakrishnan

11 months ago

Saket Gupta

11 months ago

Service offerings

Crypto mining

Consultation for crypto mining software

Charges $40

Blockchain consulting and troubleshooting

Consulting and troubleshooting as part of design and development in blockchain projects

Charges $40

Blockchain consulting and training

Consulting and guidance on blockchain fundamentals, practical case studies and implementation walkthroughs

Charges $20

Metamask integration for website

Build and integration of metamask on the website of your choice, with all payment and exchange features

Charges $500

Cardano Smart Contract deployment

Completion of Cardano smart contract build, deployment and integration

Charges $1000

Blockchain Development

Design and development for end to end blockchain systems, including APIs, unit testing and go live

Charges $40

Crypto Coin recovery

Recovery of your lost crypto coins shall be done - subject to the below aspects,The client must be the rightful owner of the compromised walletThe client must have the access to the walletThe client must be in a position to prove ...

Charges $500

Building dApps and ERC20 Tokens

End to end blockchain project design, architecture, and deployment of dApps, web 3, and smart contracts

Charges $40

Hosting events in Metaverse

I arrange events in Metaverse like office gatherings, Marriages, Launching of movies

Charges $1000

Defi , Wrapped Coins, StableCoin Development

I build Decentralized Finance ,Wrapped Coins and Stable coins via Oracle for listing down cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

Charges $1500

Mining Farm for Tezos, Ethereum, Crypto coins

I can setup mining farms for different on-premise and cloud servers such that it is profitable for the establishment and long term prosperity.

Charges $1000

Ethereum Development Training

Ethereum development training for ERC20 Tokens, ERC 721 ,1155 Token building training BootCamp with web 3.0 Dapp Development .

Charges $100

Hyperledger Fabric Administrator Training

CHFA Certification Training

Charges $100

Hyperledger Fabric Development Training

Certified Hyperledgre Fabric Developer Training

Charges $100

Hyperledger Fabric, Besu, Sawtooth Development

Hyperledger Faric Development for Enterprises

Charges $40

Building NFT ERC721 ERC1155 Tokens

I build ERC 721, ERC1155 Tokens for various use cases including music, sports, arts.

Charges $40