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Blockchain Architect & Advisor | NFT, DAO, Web3, DoD, Blockchain Analyst, Blockchain Consulting Services, NFT Consultant, NFT Developer, Blockchain Developer, Solidity Developer, Smart Contract Developer, Cardano Developer, Web3 Developer, Rust Developer, Metamask Developer, DAO Developer, Metaverse Developer, Blockchain
  • United states, Exp: 15 years, Charges/hr: Free

☝️🟦Connect on LinkedIn! 🟦☝️ | Talks about #blockchain ₿ with regards to #venturecapital 💸, #federal 🇺🇸, #startups ✨, #devopsGTM 🚀, and #solutionsarchitecture 🤯. I seek to make the world a better place by being a better person.

  • Software Engineering
  • Blockchain
  • Consulting
  • Competitive Strategies

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Service offerings

Blockchain Development Projects

Build, testing and deployment of blockchain projects of few days to weeks projects.

Charges $150

AMA (Ask Me Anything) Consultation

Per/hour consultation to architect an idea/project, discuss risk within a VC investment opportunity, CTO blockchain advising, career coaching, etc. In short, if you need an hour here and there, select this option.

Charges $250

Blockchain Advisor (3/5 filled!)

A retainer agreement. This can be as a strategic advisor to the executive team/leadership, credit towards technical analysis (common with VC's), or an equity deal for blockchain DevOps/GTM (common with startups).

Charges $1000