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  • South africa, Exp: 12 years, Charges/hr: Free

NFT Consultant and Advisor - helping people succeed with their NFT and blockchain projects.

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Portal Beingness

Hey Leith, Dan scammed me out of thousands as well. It sounds like this is what he does. I have spoken to some lawyers in South Africa and this is a major criminal offense he has committed multiple times. I have a lot of information on him as well. Do you want to contact me and we can work together to legally get out money back?

4 months ago

Leith James

This guy Dan scammed me out of $3000 USD for NFT Consulting I'm happy to share any information on this guy.

5 months ago

Service offerings

I will be your NFT Consultant and Advisor

I will help and advise you on your NFT project

Charges $20