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Engaging 18000


Connect across 2600

public watercoolers

How unremot watercoolers work?

Built to nurture lasting social connections in large teams

Setup virtual watercooler

Setup your virtual watercooler corners, pick custom environment, visuals

Setup your watercooler

Add team members to
watercooler corners

Add your team - unremot allows unlimited users and unlimited spaces

Add teammates

Start social, fun and
gossip chats

Allow your team members to frequent and engage in rich social connections and gossips among them

Start a gossip

The unremot promise

Imbibe strong sense
of belongingness

Informal sessions among team members from across teams help imbibing strong sense of belongingness among them and with the organization

Boost employee

Casual interactions and rich social connections within the team members outside of work boost individual morale and productivity

Enhance the team

With increased amount of fun time spend together, the collective bonding of the team members spike exponentially

Facilitate the evolution
of natural leaders

Such casual interactions and some comic time among the teams help evolving natural leadership among the relevant team members

Enable creative
solutioning at work

Open and free flowing interactions enable various dimensions of creativity to evolve, helping in the work eventually

Orient the right
company culture

A strongly cohesive workforce with a sense of belongingness is the foundation of creating a powerful Delta Force within your organisation

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