UnRemot is the new way to get your team on group videos!

...because it connects them seamlessly through the day, without having to organize separate calls through Hangout or other video conferencing tools. With UnRemot, you are constantly in touch with your team, just like you do, while at office!

#1 single click group videos
#2 single click screen shares
#3 single click remote screen controls

What makes UnRemot Different?

UnRemot is a new way to collaborate using seamless video interfaces. Here's a list of three key aspects on how it's different from other video conferencing tools like Hangout or Zoom!

No calendar invites or meeting urls

Single click
group videos

Visible to everyone
all the time

Interested? Watch a quick video on how UnRemot works

See how UnRemot works!

Using UnRemot, now you can manage remote employees seamlessly. Employees can collaborate with their teams upon single clicks - watch, how it works!

3 quick steps to start using UnRemot


Invite Your Team

Invite your team, by just entering their email IDs


Single click videos with team

Connect with your team mates on single click videos & seamless chats. Explore the new way of virtual collboration.


Single click screen sharing

Share and view screens on single clicks, no need to schedule a meeting. Do remote control of screens throughout

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