Why unremot?

Anyone can access your
calendar (like Calendly)
Dedicated virtual address
Identify free slots &
book appointments
Single place for
all meetings
No more meeting urls
and time limits
Multi-purpose spaces - work,
meetings, conferences

How unremot works?

unremot + Calendly + Zoom

Step #1

Signup to create
your personal office

Signup for a permanent & virtual personal office

Step #2

Give a name and
a unique address

Give your office a name and a handle that's easy to remember

Step #3

Set up your calendar,
your personal office is ready!

Setup your calendar and allow anyone to find and meet you!

Here’s a video sneak peek into unremot

Here’s how you can set up unremot personal office

Setup your personal office in less than 60 seconds

Setup my Personal Office

unremot on media

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